Utilizing technology to eliminate food waste

Published: Jan. 25, 2022 at 5:53 PM CST
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(25 NEWS) - We head to Adam DeGroot of Specialty Farms to talk about how they utilize technology to help eliminate food waste.

We’ve got a lot of experience transporting and buying and selling fruit and vegetable commodities -- and a lot of pain points, so we’ve experienced it we’ve kind of distilled into this web platform.

So a couple of different things that it does -- you know -- the marketplace products helps buyers and sellers connect -- kind of a digital board where you can post items available, you can connect with trading partners and keep all your customers in one place and easy communication with them.

The second piece is called produce S.O.S.

This is where if you’re a farm or trucking company or freight brokerage company and you have a rejection somewhere -- you have a freight claim of some sort -- you’ve got perishable product on your truck and you need to find a new home for it then use this platform to help do that.

So we have a lot of partners -- hundreds of food bank partners -- you know we’ve provided for free to them -- they’re an important part of our food chain, you know these days so we want to be a great part in there and -- you know whether it’s wholesalers even livestock producers looking for feed.

Our goal is to keep produce out of landfills and find the best economic use for and best environmental use it too.

There’s all sorts of kinds of food waste -- there’s food waste from your fridge just what’s not consumed -- but what we really focus on is what we call the -- the field to forklift -- the part of it before it even gets to distribution centers is food that’s left in the field you know and we can help find cost-effective customer for that. The food banks are a huge buyer in the country these days

If you’re a farm, if you’re growing at wholesale level you know fruits and vegetables so we help farms connect with them and another way is when things go wrong like I said if a driver sets the temperature to the wrong setting -- unfortunately, it happens every day -- a lot of times that food just gets dumped somewhere so we can connect a farm with the wholesaler nearby.

But it’s really all about having a plan B at any moment. It’s kind of an insurance policy for those kind of events and -- yeah we’re excited about it, we were very familiar with what can go wrong and with what’s great about the produce industry is it’s just full of people that know how to think dynamically and to solve problems and that’s why for the most part we take for granted this country, this food produce on the shelves all the time too and that’s a blessing.

There’s a lot of work that goes into that and we’re grateful to be a part of this industry -- it’s full of great people

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