Whiskey Dixies owners ‘devastated’ after fire destroys business before re-opening

Published: Nov. 24, 2021 at 12:03 PM CST
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FARMINGTON (25 NEWS) - Fire crews continued to investigate Monday night’s fire Tuesday morning after spending about four hours tackling huge flames that destroyed two businesses: Whiskey Dixies and O’Brian’s Parkside Deli.

The owners of Whiskey Dixies, who were set to open the new business Wednesday, said they are devastated about the loss of what was going to be their new business.

Farmington Fire Chief Matt Watters said the cause of the fire is still unknown.

“It’s definitely tough, it hurts the community a lot,” Watters said.

“These are both popular places. Got a lot of business. Definitely going to impact the community greatly,” he added.

Watters said around 9 p.m. Monday, a 911 caller told dispatchers they could see smoke from the building in 16 north Cone street.

The flames quickly spread to the deli next door.

About 20 agencies from Fulton County responded in some capacity, with more agencies from Peoria and Knox counties.

Matt Stewart, one of the owners of Whiskey Dixies, who did not want to speak on camera, said he’s devastated to see the business they’d been working hard to open now in pieces.

He said they were planning to open the business Wednesday in hopes of inviting customers in for Thanksgiving and said he hired a band for live music.

Farmington Mayor Kent Kowall said the city is willing to help.

“We have money available to help in many ways to rebuild and reconstruct yes. And we’re happy to do that,” Kowall said.

Kowall said after losing four businesses to a fire in 2015, he says it’s a big loss financially for the city.

“While Farmington is not as dependent upon sales taxes maybe as some larger communities, we’re grateful for everything that we get. It will be an impact for sure,” Kowall added.

The owners of Whiskey Dixies also told 25 News once businesses are gone, it’s hard for them to come back, but they hope to comeback from the fire and still open their business.

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