Peoria Friendship House hosts turkey giveaway

Published: Nov. 21, 2021 at 6:24 PM CST
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PEORIA (WEEK) - Peoria Friendship House made sure families would have thanksgiving meals in 2021, with a Thanksgiving turkey giveaway.

They had around 200 turkey’s to give away, as well plenty of sides like mash potatoes, green beans, cookies, and mac and cheese

The line for meals went around the corner.

Community members came out to help serve the turkeys to those in need.

“I believe today they all will have a home or oven to be baked in,” Marcellus Sommerville CEO of Peoria Friendship House. “We’re trying to empower the families right? We’re trying to empower them. Give them hope and give them an opportunity towards the path of prosperity.”

This was the second annual turkey giveaway.

Children volunteered to help hand out food in bags, that they themselves decorated with fun drawing and sayings

When the turkey’s ran out, the friendship house opened up their freezers to giveaway even more food.

Peoria Friendship House said they still weren’t done.

They planned to have a ham giveaway this Christmas.

“Reason is simple, right? It’s a way to be grateful for a year that we’ve had,” Sommerville said, “and if we can help families in need have a great thanksgiving meal or a jump start to some of their meal. That’s our goal.”

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