Accidents in Peoria on the rise since 2019

Published: Nov. 12, 2021 at 6:36 PM CST
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PEORIA (25 NEWS) - Tuesday’s hit and run crash put 10-year-old Troy Erving in the hospital and was declared dead Friday morning.

The accused driver 43-year-old Karrie Brunswig arrested Wednesday for investigation of leaving an accident scene, driving with a suspended license, and other charges.

Brunswig has a lengthy history of similar offenses in 2021 alone.

Peoria Police Department’s lieutenant of traffic division Earnest McCall said accidents in Peoria have been on the rise since 2019

He said more people are caught speeding and driving without a license and most of the people caught are repeated offenders.

“It’s repeated behavior unfortunately,” McCall said.

“They get stopped, they get a DUI, their license is taken, and they decide for whatever reason to continue to drive and get another DUI until they are in jail for an extended period of time and still after that sometimes, they get out of jail and still do that same behavior,” he added.

McCall said this leads to stiffer penalties.

“They end up harming themselves, or a passenger or someone else, then the laws are more severe,” McCall said.

“It goes from a misdemeanor to a felony. And then their time in jail could be extended,” he said.

Doug Burgess is the owner of Burgess Driving School in East Peoria.

He said it’s difficult to keep track of everyone who chooses not to follow rules of the road, but he teaches students to follow the speed limits and always stop in an accident.

“Start to slow down sooner, look further ahead,” Burgess said.

“The more slippery the road conditions are, the further you should look ahead so you can start planning ahead and making those adjustments,” he added.

McCall encourages residents to report any sightings of speeding or other misconduct behind the wheel.

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