25 Women in Leadership: Sherry Carter-Allen

August 19, 2021
Sherry Carter-Allen
Sherry Carter-Allen(25 News)
Published: Nov. 3, 2021 at 4:51 PM CDT
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What do we know about Sherry Carter-Allen? We know that after retiring with 30 years in public service as the first City of Peoria Police Code Enforcement Officer and AFSCME President, she now serves as a lifetime member and First Vice President of the NAACP’s Peoria Branch and the Chairperson for the Labor and Industry Committee.

We know Sherry received a mayoral appointment to the City of Peoria Fair Employment Commission where she currently serves as Chairperson. We also recognize her as one of the founding members of the Peoria Political Action Committee, LLC.

A life of public service while representing those in organized labor engaging in bargaining agreements ensuring that all public service workers are given opportunity to fair employment and socio-economic stability defines who Sherry is as a leader. Self-sacrifice, and a willingness to listen, lead and act prepares her for creating opportunity for civil justice and community equity.

As a civil rights leader Sherry is willing to overcome any obstacle as she works tirelessly to educate and advocate for social and economic justice in the African American Community.

Leadership is a calling for Sherry Carter-Allen, and she answers that call with a passion to serve.

Welcome to the 25 Women in Leadership.

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