25 Women in Leadership: Madison Green

August 13, 2021
Madison Green
Madison Green(25 News)
Published: Nov. 3, 2021 at 12:01 PM CDT
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Madison Green is one of the owners of Green Chevrolet and Green Ford in Peoria.

She’s not the General Manager but has a wonderful General Manager that kind of runs both stores for her, “which is great.”

“He is an incredible leader and a great mentor of mine,” she said. “And I get to jump around and do everything in every department because I do have a good General Manager.”

Her daily inspiration to do this business is her dad. “My Dad taught me lots and lots of things,” she said. “We always teased my dad because he gave me daily life lessons.”

“So, every single day I had a life lesson about something whether that be the business or leadership or motivating people or communication.”

When she thinks of leadership, the word that really comes to mind is “inspire.” “And I try to inspire my employees every day to reach their goals and to reach my goals for them.”

Madison Green was incredibly happy and humbled because her employees decided to nominate her without her knowing.

“That was incredibly awesome.”

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