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Twin Cities rally to send support, volunteers to Florence victims

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PEORIA, Ill (HOI) -- -

As hurricane Florence bares down on the East Coast, volunteers from all over band together to help any people that could be affected.

Cornbelt Energy of Bloomington sent a group of 4 trucks and 8 linemen out early Thursday morning. Friday, they’ll be waiting out Florence at a staging area in Virginia. After that, the real work can begin.

Vice-President of Electric Distribution for Cornbelt Energy, Steve Hancock, informs that clearing out is the first order of business.

"Initially, in storms of this nature, there's a lot of clearing of the damage," says Hancock, "so in other words, before you can even get in and assess the damage to even repair, you've got to get everything out of the way.”

Even though Hurricane Florence has been deemed a Category 2 Hurricane many people head to the storm to provide relief though the effected community.

"We would hope that everyone would pray for these people in these areas," said Hancock, "to make sure that everyone stays safe, and limited to no loss of life, obviously.”

Hancock goes on to say, “And limited loss of property, and that we all skate through this unhurt and come back to our families."

Cornbelt isn’t alone. State Farm representatives from all across the country are preparing to send teams in to assess damages and help get people who don’t evacuate back on their feet.

State Farm Representative, Dave Olaffson, says State Farm is prepared for the worst but still hopes for the best.

“Hopefully it never happens, but we plan for catastrophes of this size, plan for disasters of this size, and again that’s part of our mission to help people recover from the unexpected," says Olaffson.

State Farm has prepared for a large influx of claims according to Olaffson. Even so, you might see a small fluctuation in your premium while they help Florence victims.

Meanwhile, the American Red Cross has 43 people from the Heart of Illinois ready at evacuation shelters with food and supplies. Members say you can help with blood donations, since there will be both a need for blood and a lack of donations from canceled drives in the affected area.

If you can’t donate blood or want to help out another way, you can text the word “Florence,” to 90-999.

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