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Home Invasion Leaves Neighbors Wanting Answers

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A home invasion occurred on the 100 block of Albert Street in Sunnyland around 5:15 a.m. Tuesday morning. Police reported  two people inside were badly beaten by a robber and taken to OSF Saint Francis Medical Center. One still remains hospitalized at this tI'me. 

East Peoria Police Chief Dick Ganschow says the man stole things items inside the house and also their vehicle, which was found in Peoria and being processed by investigators. 

So far the police do not have a description of the suspect but Ganschow said the neighborhood has no need to be on high alert. 

"We don't have any reason to believe that this is a random home invasion. We believe this was a targeted offense." 

With no one in custody, neighbors on the street say they're feeling uncomfortable, especially with a street lamp out that has been out for a long time making the street pith black at night. Neighbor Brittany Wilcoxson says this adds to the fear she already feels after the invasion in her neighborhood.  

"I'm petrified, im petrified to be out at night, i come home at night from work and i don't want to be outside. i don't want to have my kids outside after dark." 

A street where families and their kids often play outside and leave their doors open, they say they  want police to be more open about the investigation. 

"We need to have some more information and we need to as a neighborhood rally together and just keep our eye out on our neighborhood and keep it safe." 

The street says until the suspect is caught they will keep their porch lights on  and children close as they wait for answers from police. 

The East Peoria Police Department says the  investigation is very much on going and says that if anyone sees something suspicious to call 911 or if you do not believe it to be an emergency to call the East Peoria Police Department at 309-698-4700. 

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