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Peoria Heights Reveals Newest Art Sculpture Added To The Community

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Peoria Heights unveiled new artwork to the community today.

Artist, Bruce White, of Dekalb, showed off his new Mobius Triangle art piece. White’s newest piece is located in front of the Peoria Heights fire station.

The Mobius Triangle piece of one of 9 sculptures from White that is currently being displayed in the greater Peoria area.

At the art unveiling event at the Village Hall, White expressed many artists often face their toughest challenges at home.

“And their [artists’] own parents discouraged them from going into it. And many of those came back to me in graduate school,” says White, “where they really wanted to do it but their parents just couldn't stand the idea that they're just going to do pictures of a boy or a girl."

Students from Peoria Heights High School and the St. Thomas Grade School boy scouts members attended the event.

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