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Local celebrities lip sync for a good cause

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MACKINAW, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

When is the last time you got on the stage to lip sync your favorite song? 
Thursday night, some central Illinois celebrities did just that, all for a good cause. 

A big crowd gathered for the Third Annual Lip Sync Battle. Contestants performed their favorite tunes while wearing colorful costumes, raising money for Special Olympics Illinois Region G, which serves eight nearby counties. 

"And let's face it: it's just fun and you don't really have to hear us sing. We're lip syncing so that takes some pressure off and we can be foolish and raise money for a great cause," stated McLean County Clerk, Kathy Michael. 

Local celebrities, like the county clerk, police teams, and the McLean County state's attorney, all took the stage and lip synced their hearts out. 

"When they get on that stage, it's like a whole different persona and it's fun to watch," said organizer Jim Fitzpatrick. 

After the 10 groups performed, people voted for their favorite acts by making a donation to the Special Olympics group, which will help with everyday operations. 

"It's important because in Special Olympics we don't charge our athletes to come to our competitions, you know, and we want to keep that free," said Fitzpatrick. 

The group teamed up with the Local Law Enforcement Torch Run group, which helped make the fundraiser possible. 

The fundraiser helped people, like Tamika Matthews, who has been in Special Olympics for six years and loves swimming and volleyball. She has learned more than just spiking the ball though. 

"My experience has been great. I'm able to have confidence and speak up for myself," said Matthews. 

"And it helps push the message of inclusion in the community," said Fitzpatrick. 

The fundraiser helped around 1,200 athletes, who participate in 17 regional competitions. 

"Special Olympics is a great opportunity for athletes with disabilities to get involved in," said Matthews. 

Some of the contestants also won awards. Organizers hope the event will raise around $20,000 and they added three more teams this year. 

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