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Peoria City Council to consider layoffs to fill the budget gap

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PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

Good news and bad news for the city of Peoria.

The good news is the city manager says he's come up with a way to fill a $600,000 shortfall. The bad news is will require some layoffs.

In June, the city manager sent council a memo suggesting all city employees take an 11-day furlough totaling 88 hours. 

City Hall was also looking at closing for one day a week for the rest of the year. That plan has been scrapped.

Now city employees will see a furlough of 40 hours and city hall will stay open. But four employees will be laid off.

That includes three management positions, two from the police department and one from the fire department. A technician who works on computer mapping will also lose their job. Five vacant positions will not be filled.

One police vacancy will remain unfilled till next year, with that money going to pay for the city's cadet program.

Temporary maintenance workers who are brought in for seasonal jobs will be let go one month early.

The new police officer body camera program will now be managed by the neighborhood coordinator within the police department instead of a separate hire.

If council members have any concerns, they can bring them up and suggest alternative cuts at their next meeting coming up on Tuesday.

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