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East Peoria residents will vote on whether to change government style

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After 100 years of commission rule the city of East Peoria could see a change on the horizon.   Tuesday night the East Peoria City Council voted to put the issue of changing its form of government up for a referendum vote in November.
Under the current commission form of government East Peoria Mayor Dave Mingus and four commissioner are responsible for running the city.   But.. they represent the city at large.   Now the city council wants to give voters the option of switching to aldermen who,  in theory would each represent an individual district.   But. it's unclear exactly how an alder manic form of government would actually operate without wards.  That's one reason Commissioner Gary Densberger voted against putting the referendum on the November ballot. 

"There is no provision under the state municipal code that allows alderman to be elected purely at large.   State code says alderman must be elected from districts or wards or a combination of districts and wards and at large but not purely at large," he said.  

East Peoria Mayor Dave Mingus voted in favor of the referendum, but only after switching to a city manager got shot down,  something he still feels would have been the best option.

"Many municipalities throughout the state of Illinois have adopted that particular form of government, the institutions of learning have pretty much endorsed that. the city administrator doesn't have the power to achieve the different goals of government in an independent manner.  under the city manager form they would have more authority, " he said.

Residents will vote between commissioners and aldermen in November.  Mingus said he hopes city council members will at least try to raise awareness about the two options before then.   This all came to a vote Tuesday night after some residents tried to petition the council to get the issue on the ballot but failed to get enough signatures.

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