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Skimmers found at multiple Morton gas stations

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MORTON, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

UPDATE 9:21 p.m. : According to police, even frequent customers wouldn't suspect a thing because the skimmers weren't visible from the outside of the pump.  Someone getting gas would have had no way of knowing their information was stolen. 

One customer, Deven Doss, was at the Circle K on Jackson.  "It is getting more prevalent," Doss said. "I am paranoid so every time i go up to one of the pumps I grab the reader and give it a tug, a wiggle and make sure it is set because they slide their device over the top of the readers." 

The skimmers are still under investigation with the Morton Police and they will be posting more information on their Facebook page. 

We will update this story as information comes in. 

If you've purchased gas in Morton recently, there's a possibility your credit card information was stolen. 

The Morton Police Department said credit car skimmers were found inside the gas pumps at two Morton gas stations Wednesday afternoon. The skimmers weren't visible from outside the pump, and someone using the pump would have no way of knowing their information was stolen. 

The Circle K stations on Jackson and Main were impacted.

It is unknown how long the skimmers were in the pumps. If you have used a credit card or debit card to pay for gas in Morton, police recommend you get a new card from your financial institution, or monitor the transactions from your account. 

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