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GAME ON: Mobile gaming company brings the fun

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A dynamic duo is taking over the entertainment scene in Central Illinois. 

The married couple took a trailer and turned it into the ultimate gaming experience. 

It's called Game on Illinois and it brings together people of all generations with a simple screen. 

In the fall of 2016, Yvonne and Luke Rosenbohm were brought an idea. 

Would a gaming truck play in Peoria?

"It's a challenge. We both love a challenge. We thought why not?!" said Yvonne Rosenbohm who is one of the co-owners.

The couple did some research and decided their truck needed to have a few key things. 

"We wanted it to be climate controlled, we wanted it to be self contained, and a big push. WE wanted to be wheel chair accessible. We wanted to be really inclusive," said Rosenbohm. 

But what actually is a gaming truck?

Inside it holds 5 screens, there's an additional one outside, hundreds of games for Xbox and Play Station and virtual reality.

In Spring of 2017 they took the trailer to the streets.
What they found was that gaming fun may have been what the river city needed. 

"We can go anywhere cause we're self contained. We pull up. We park. We play," said Rosenbohm.

But it isn't just kids  getting in on the action.
"We had a grandpa come in one time. His daughter was like, I've never seen my dad play video games.' He was playing his grandkids," the co-owner said. 

The crew at Game on Illinois said it takes out the solo gaming  and helps bring people together.


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