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Local Build-a-Bear fiasco

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A special "Pay Your Age" worldwide event at Build-a-Bear was supposed to be a price break for local kids who love stuffed animals.

The "marketing plan" nearly broke the mall record for chaos!

Unfortunately the turnout was so high, some stores had to cancel the offer early and passed out vouchers instead.
Two local moms and their kids lucked out though.

Krista Nabb and her two girls arrived at Northwoods Mall at 6:30 a.m. and were first in line. 

"It's a really good deal. We couldn't pass it up and of course when I brought it up the kids would not let me not take them," said mom, Krista Naab. 

"I go there a lot and I was really excited to get this one because I think it's adorable," said daughter Evelyn Murphy. 

Sara Judd Downing said she waited in the same line for 4.5 hours with her twin toddlers. 

"The finished product was two troll poppies from Build-a-Bear so I can't complain. We saved $54.00," said Downing. 

Four bucks for two trolls is a steal, but many kids didn't walk away scoring the same kind of deal. They scored a voucher instead because the long lines were eventually cut off. 

"You start to get worried when you see people walking by you, like steaming live video and you start to think, 'oh my goodness,'" said Downing. 

"It was the busiest I have ever seen that mall. Actually, I've never stood in a line like that before," added Naab. 

There was much confusion and frustration throughout the day. 

"I don't think they knew what they were in for," said Naab. 

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