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Major project will close Murray Baker for most of 2020

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PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

This is not going to be fun.

IDOT announced the timeline for a $35 million re-enforcement of the Murray Baker Bridge, which carries I-74 West into Peoria and I-74 East out. While the project spans 2019-2020, the worst of it will start in April 2020 when the bridge will be closed for seven months.

At a meeting Wednesday, IDOT officials said that the bridge needs these upgrades. They say the concrete deck and some structural steel members are in poor condition, among other things that have seen more than their share of wear and tear.

They say the McCluggage bridge will be open for the duration of Murray Baker's closure, and that closing the bridge for seven months will allow workers to get the project done in one construction season. IDOT also says it will keep costs down.

There are other elements to the plan. It starts in April 2019, when crews will repair bridges on Washington St. and Riverfront Dr. in East Peoria. By June, they plan to start work on the eventual detour on IL-40 in Peoria, and in August they will start work on the East Peoria side of the detour on Riverfront Dr.

The project is expected to be complete by December 2020.

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