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Former condemned building could open next month leaving former tenants unhappy

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Formerly condemned 1505 On The Avenue in Peoria will soon be known as Emmanuel Medical Residences and is expected to reopen next month, if it can get up to code by then.

When the building closed in December tenets thought it would be fixed for them.

"We were under the impression the whole time that it was getting repaired. We had no idea that they weren't doing anything to repair these issues. We didn't even know that there was an actual electrical issue," former tenant Ashley Rosenberg said.

The building has been getting work done to reopen under the new name.

"The property owner is pulling permits and is doing the work to bring that building back up to code. Once that's accomplished they've promised to make that for residences for medical students. So it could end up being a real win for us," Third District City Council Member Timothy Riggenbach said.

But, the change in target audience came as a shock to its former tenants. 

"It felt malicious because the people that were living here were low income based and to see they are going to be charging $800 to $1000 for something we paid under $600 for," Knollenberg said.

The owners are advertising an August 1 move-in date for the building.

"It's not really our position to tell people how long it is going to take to finish a project but I can assure everyone that we will make sure that they can't open until all the building is safe for residents," City of Peoria Assistant Community Director Joe Dulin said.

We reached out to the owners, Penn Terrace Towers, for comment and they said they are not interested in doing any interviews until they reopen the building. 

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