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Peoria City Council approves partnership with Salvation Army, Main Street grant repair grant submission

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Peoria City Council Peoria City Council
PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

The Peoria City Council met Monday and approved various items from creating a safety net for people displaced by circumstances out their control to an application for a $25 million grant.

The council approved taking $50,000 from fines apartment complex 1505 On the Avenue paid last December to fund a contract with the Peoria Salvation Army to create a rehousing programs for people living in buildings deemed uninhabitable. The apartment complex paid the fines after its building was deemed uninhabitable and 50 people living there had 72 hours to relocate.

The $25 million application submission that was approved, if granted by the United States Department of Transportation, will be used to improve Main Street from the Illinois River to Farmington Road. The improvements could include road resurfacing, widening sidewalks and creating outdoor dining. 

Council members feel the makeover is necessary.

"Main Street is falling a part, it's beyond its life span.The federal government is offering to us, if we can secure successfully the grant, most of $25 million to rebuild Main Street from Laura Bradley Park all the way down to Water Street,"  Second District Council Member Chuck Grayeb said.

If the grant is awarded the federal government will provide 80 percent of the $25 million and the city will be responsible for the other 20.

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