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Steps to take against officer impersonators

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It's a crime uncommon to the area, police officer impersonators. 

Now that one has been reported in McLean County, Illinois State Police want to make sure you know what to do. 

Police often use unmarked cars.

It's likely when you see one behind you with red and blue lights you don't think anything of it. 

State police spokeswoman Lisa Osborne said trust your gut if something doesn't feel right. 

You can lock your doors and crack your window and explain to the officer you want to be sure and ask for identification. 

She adds you can also call 911 and ask dispatch if they have an officer at your location. 

If dispatch says no, you can stay on the phone with them and give them details about the imposter's description. 

"You can also ask that individual if they can have a marked car of a uniformed officer appear on the scene with them or a supervisor so you can feel more at ease," Osborne said. 

If you are being pulled over by an unmarked car you can always make the stop in a public area. 

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