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They're in! The Peoria All-Stars are set to play in The Basketball Tournament

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It's not quite as mad as March, but the heat of July has the All-Stars warming up for the national basketball tournament. 

"The most momentum, the biggest focus is representing our family, the community, the city of Peoria," Peoria All-Star, Jeffrey White, said.

There's a lot of Peoria pride out here on the basketball court. A lot of these guys grew up playing AAU and high school basketball together. With two teams in the tournament from the area, there's no doubt that Peoria will be represented well on the national stage.

"At the end of the day, we all from Peoria," White said. "You know, a lot of us are related to each other and stuff. So, having two Peoria teams at the same event is something that's good for the city."

The teams are a collection of some previous division one basketball players, so the competition is stiff. Without playing against most or any of these athletes before, the internet has become their all-star source!

"Just watching film or little highlights of each team," White said. "We send texts or go to YouTube highlights just to get a feel of what we're playing against."
"We play basketball the way we know how to play basketball," Peoria All-Star, Mike Gills, said. "We just compete. We play basketball the way Peoria plays basketball. That's all we worry about." 
So, how does Peoria play basketball?

"Real hard," Gills said. "Tough nose defenders, you know, we play. We get up and down. That's just the way Peoria play."

And if they win the $2 million prize?

"Me, personally, I might buy a yacht or something," Gills said. "No I don't have any plans. Just take care of my family, you know, and give back to Peoria in whatever way I can."

The #15 ranked Peoria All-Stars first game is against West Coast Ronin on Friday, July 20th in Columbus, Ohio. Fifth ranked Always A Brave tips off the 21st. 

To support the All-Stars, you can visit TNT on July 14th from 3-7pm, or Rumburgers July 15th from 8-11pm. 

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