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Bartonville Police Department welcome kids to Camp Kirk

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Bartonville Police host Camp Kirk Bartonville Police host Camp Kirk

Children from the Bartonville area got a chance to get involved in some police activities today at Camp Kirk. The camp is Before learning about the local fire departments, campers got the chance to learn about the police force and test their knowledge to do some actual police training.  

The kids were exposed to training events like a police obstacle course, driving range and paintball shooting. 

Office Mathew, West Camp Kirk organizer said, "We do the fun day on the third day.  We've always done it that way.  This is our fourth year doing the camp, so it's always the third day.  That's where we have the bouncy houses and carnival activities." 

"It's fun to be around all of these kids," Alivia West, a camp volunteer said.  "I've been here the last three years, since it started and it's just nice you know, to see kids do stuff that they don't normally get to do, " 

The event took place at the Peoria Benevolent Police Grounds in Bartonville.  Volunteers even say this is one of the largest groups they have had participate in their Camp Kirk program.  

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