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Help clean up the River City

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The City of Peoria wants your help cleaning up the River City by implementing a Litter Challenge.

Great neighbor appreciation week is underway now and the highlight was the lunch time litter clean up.  Volunteers started coming out of nowhere, which is what the city was hoping to see.  Peoria even started a social media challenge where you can post your clean up on the internet. 

If you choose to participate, take photos and video of your event, and place them on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, now through September using #PickupPeoria.

Josiah Williams, the Peoria Neighborhood enhancement coordinator is the brain child of this campaign.  

"You'll receive a specialized swag bag of litter! No not litter! Excuse me, a litter swag bag with some other things  I'm sure that wouldn't be fun to receive! The post will be featured on our websites and it will be recognized by the mayor and other city officials, " Williams said. 

The City of Peoria is asking organization to get involved, by your self, or as a group.  They are asking each group to commit to 25 hours of litter pickup, with a total goal of 1000 total hours of city wide trash removal.

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