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Bloomington woman loses dog due to firework show

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A Bloomington woman got the scare of a lifetime this week after her service dog went missing.

"It was more than hard. It was almost impossible, i couldn't breathe and i wasn't sleeping or eating," Eden Bernstein said, 

Bernstein was enjoying Fourth of July fireworks when her service dog Lucy ran away.

"We took her out to see the fireworks, in Eureka by the lake and she got spooked and ran off and we couldn't find her. So, we made posters and went out there pretty much everyday," she said.

To Eden, Lucy is more than a pet  because she is  trained to push a medical alert button if Eden goes unconscious. This made her disappearance even harder for the family.
"Eden's got a rare medical condition and i am on the road a little bit i felt more comfortable knowing she had help," Eden's father Steve Bernstein said.

Eden and friends searched for days with no luck until  a Eureka man called saying a dog with Lucy's description was messing with his cats.

"I saw that he had her in his yard, it was undescribable, i cried, everyone cried. I cried," she said.

The experience has brought Eden and Lucy closer and Eden said if you are thinking of taking your dogs to an event like the Fourth of July, do not.

"Leave your dog at home. Make sure that your doors are locked and that your gate is closed and that you can be there as much as you can to comfort them to let them know that it is going to be okay," she said.

Eden said she will never  let Lucy out of her sight again.

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