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They're in! The Peoria All-Stars are ready to represent the River City in TBT

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You're votes counted! The Peoria All-Stars basketball team is in The Basketball Tournament; a single elimination tournament with a grand prize of $2 million.

There is not doubt there's a lot of Peoria pride out on the basketball court. A lot of these guys grew up playing ball together in AAU and high school.

There's not one, but two teams in the basketball tourney again this year. Always A Brave received an at-large bid, which means Peoria will represented well on the national stage.

"That's big," Peoria All-Star, Mike Gills, said. "That's very big for us cause we're a basketball city. You know, so to see Bradley up there, first it was just them, then we got voted in. We went up there and played. So, to have two teams represent Peoria, that's a pretty big thing for us."

"At the end of the day, we all from Peoria," Peoria All-Star, Jeffrey White, said. "You know, a lot of us are related to each other and stuff. You know, having two Peoria teams at the same event is something that's good for the city."

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