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UPDATE: Shooting incident was declared 'self-defense': Peoria's State's Attorney

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Jerry Brady reached the decision in the Daniel El case after Illinois State Police conducted an investigation and the shooting was determined to be self-defense. Because of this conclusion, the officers involved in the incident will not face any criminal charges. 

The incident happened on February 1.  Police pulled El over for a traffic stop at least one officer reported seeing part of what appeared to be a purple gun beneath El's right leg or thigh. 

The officer stated he reached into the vehicle to try to control El's hands, but El hit the gas and tried to drive off. After a brief chase, El got out of the car and that is when state investigators determined El likely shot at officers five times.  Hitting one of them.  

The report indicates police returned fire, and El was shot 13 times by the three officers that were on scene. A purple handgun was found next to El's body and the bullet removed from the officer matched that weapon. 

According to the State's Attorney , El is considered the aggressor in this case and likely fired first.  

Interim Chief Loren Marion says Officers Nathan Adams and Joseph Harris will return to full duty, while Officer Ian McDowell, whom was injured,  is still recovering and has not been cleared for duty yet.

"During this time, I was confident that our officers acted legally, responsibly and professionally," Marion said.  "....and acted in accord with the law and their training. 

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