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Stabbing suspect claims self defense

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The Peoria County coroner says Peoria's recent homicide victim was stabbed twice in the abdomen.   He's identified as 29-year old Kang Abel,Jr.
While in court today, the suspect James Watkins claimed self defense.   But family aND friends of Abel  said he did not deserve to die.   
Lorrie Trieu says her son Kang Abel  was the oldest of 10 children and worked in landscaping.  She said he had lots of friends.

"He was somebody's son, he was somebody's brother, he was somebody's friend, he mattered you know and he was very precious to me," she said. 

Peoria police found Abel stabbed twice in the abdomen behind an apartment at Parkview Estates just after five o'clock Monday evening.     Friends of Kane said he often visited people at the complex.

"I use to watch him when he was growing up.  He used to come over sometime.  I took him out and let him cut grass.  He was a good kid.  He loved working and he was a great basketball player," said friend Charles Grandson.

"I know kang for the last four years, he was a good guy.  He always worked, when he came around we always joked," said Craig Wilson. 

Police arrested the 56-year- old Watkins on Monday at the scene.
Kang's mother said he did not deserve to die. 

"I do want justice for my son.  He didn't deserve this.  In the world today I just don't understand how people can take a human life so not seriously," she said. 

A Peoria county court judge set bond for Watkins at $300,00.  He's scheduled for a preliminary hearing August 2nd.


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