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Eagles quarterback is throwing better than ever

Sidelined at state

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Eagles Quarterback Eagles Quarterback

"I think he's throwing the ball as well as he's ever thrown it," Dunlap coach, Brett Cazalet, said.

Looks like it.

Eagles quarterback, Myles Burke, used his cannon of an arm to lead his team to an undefeated conference season in the Mid-Illini and all the way to the class 5A state title game. 

But one moment changed the entire season for him. 

A shoulder injury sidelined Burke in the state championship game. But through a strict rehab process, he was back in time for baseball season and is now slinging the pigskin at summer camp.

"It gets really sore at times," Dunlap senior quarterback, Myles Burke, said. "I have to ice after every practice, but once we get to the season it will be fully healed up and full strength." 

"You know, it was a tough moment for everybody," Cazalet said. "You know, you work so hard for a season and when you're playing a team like Chicago Phillips, you know, you kinda got to game plan going in. Part of the game plan isn't losing the quarterback. Then to have that happen, you know, but that's life. You know, bounce back and we get to do it again." 

That's right. 

They get to do it all again this year. And back again this year, is highly recruited receiver, Josiah Miamen. The two Eagles have been friends since the fifth grade, giving them plenty of time to build chemistry. 

"He's been my quarterback since as long as I can remember," Dunlap senior receiver, Josiah Miamen, said. "After last year, we had a learning curve that we had to get over, but towards the end of the season our long ball started hitting and our short ball starting hitting. So, now this year, it's just routine."

"Perfect, it's working really well," Burke said. "We've been meeting up lately, just running routes and everything. It's been really fun to have him on the team. When you have someone that big, it's just really hard to defend him. Just makes it easy on my part." 

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