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Attendance is up

Heat wave increase pool usage

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Kids playing in the water during the heat wave Kids playing in the water during the heat wave

With high temperatures in the 90's and heat indicates in the triple digits.  Many of you have likely been heading to the nearest pool to take a dip.One local water park is seeing a higher number of visitors, and it is more than the heat bringing them in. 

With the heat and humidity, the pools this year in Central Illinois have been busy.  One in particular has seen an increase in numbers. 

Wyatt Simpson, the Assistant Manager at Dragondland Water Park in Pekin. He and Manager Jack Zuercher have both noticed an increased wave in attendance. 

According to Simpson, "It's just weird for June.  June's not normally, like a super-busy month for us specifically.  It normally happens more in July and August, but I think with the heat, its bringing more people here."

"We have actually talked to quite a few guests that actually told us they have come in from Peoria today, or Washington," Zuercher said. 

Christinian Ghidina, an attendee, "It's nice to stay cool, especially when it is all hot and muggy.  You can't beat being by the pool," she said. 

With the string of hot days, Central Illinoisans of all ages have been taking a dip.  Even though Dragonland is seeing a higher amount of visitors because of the heat, the 90 degree temps are not the only reason. Unlike last year, East Peoria's Splash Down is closed, so when it comes to area water parks, the options are limited. 

"A lot of people have asked us a lot about splashdown specifically closing, and we have noticed that a lot have come from the East Peoria/Peoria area," Simpson said. "I think that is definitely brought an increase in numbers in that as well."

It doesn't feel like it, but summer hasn't technically started yet, but again, many have already been out, taking a dip in area pools because of the heat we have experienced.  

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