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Pekin Powerlifter Brings Home Gold

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NORMAL, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

Shane Covey is from Pekin and his sport of choice is powerlifting. 

Even though he's forty two and has only been competing for the last five years, he is already a well decorated athlete. Covey likes winning but he says that's not why he got into the sport, "First I started as a coach and then I decided to be an athlete and try it, kind of fell in love with it. I'm here for the athletes more than anything."

Covey says he has stayed with power lifting because he loves experiencing competition. 

"Just to feel the edge of competition, doesn't matter how much you can do, it's about having fun and what you can do for each other here." 
And Covey says lifting at Special Olympics provides him with an atmosphere unique to any other venue.
"It makes you feel, i guess as athletes, it makes you feel important because people care. The support, sometimes you're not used to having that support where ever you go, so that's kind of a good thing," said Covey. 

After medaling in every event he competed in, it was clear covey was one of the strongest lifters in the gym today. Powerlifting judge Matt Irvin says Covey's success can be attributed to his courageous approach to the sport, "I love the fact that he is absolutely fearless, he comes in, he is not scared to fail, he is coming here to give his absolute best, win, lose, or draw."

Sunday marked the final day of competition. But, Shane says he'll be back next year and everyone who can, should come and see the exciting sport of power lifting.

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