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Robos Rumble Into Riverfront

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On Saturday, student engineers from across central Illinois gathered at the Riverfront Museum for the Robo Rumble. The event provided local robotics teams with the chance to not only showcase their work but also introduce younger minds to engineering.

Event organizer Asid Patel said robotics programs can provide children with a fun, interactive learning experience. 

"They expose the kids to science, math, engineering concepts with adult supervision or mentor ship and the kids can explore," said Patel.

Robot Casserole team member Joseph Mooney  says even if someone's not into the science and construction of the robots, there's plenty of ways to get involved. 

"There's so many different ways they can go in, it's not just building the robot. It's everything behind the scenes, coordinating and trying to make everything like this come together," said Mooney.

He added that robotics had provided him with real-world work opportunities, "I had an opportunity to go work for Bradley this summer, because of this program. I also had an interview at Caterpillar that i got and i know someone from out team that's working at Bradley and another person that's working at Caterpillar"

Those attending the event were able to not only learn about the programs and their projects, but were also able to interact with every display. 

Groups say kids can get involved with robotics team as early as freshman year of high school. 

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