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Firearm Frenzy goers talk gun debate

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PEKIN, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

Guns, coolers and decoy ducks were just some of the items up for raffle at the Firearm Frenzy fundraiser in Pekin.
Gun supporters came from from all over the state to raise money for charity and take a shot at winning a free fire arm.
"All the money that is raised, the net proceeds, will go to Ducks Unlimited Wetlands Conservation. They have been around for 81 years. We've done conservation projects up and down the Illinois River," Ducks Unlimited Senior Regional Director Jim Kin said.
More than charity, we wanted to know what central Illinois thought about the gun debate. 
"I believe in the constitution and the second amendment. I don't think it should be pushed beyond a certain line and limit though. I think they should restrict people that are not capable of handling one," gun enthusiast Jim Horath said.
Canton resident Angie Lingenfelterr said she feels everyone can choose what they please when it comes to guns.
"I think people need to learn to be responsible with their weapons," she said. 
"Everybody has a right to their own opinion, however it is your constitutional right to bear and carry arms. Everyone can do as they please, however, I am an outdoorsy person."
Horath asked his fellow gun users to be wise when firing their weapons.
"Everybody if you use a gun, use it safely. Don't shoot people, we don't need that. Especially little kids in schools, don't do that," he said.
There were no guns allowed inside the dome aside from the ones being raffled. Officials said at least 1000 people, of all ages, bought tickets in hopes of winning big.

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