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Better Care Illinois

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Governor Bruce Rauner said medicaid users will have more access to substance abuse programs  under a restructuring plan.    Rauner and the Lieutenant Governor touted the plan  during a visit to a local rehab treatment facility in Peoria on Friday.     Rauner says medicaid patients who might be suffering from depression, opioid and or substance abuse will now get access to counseling and addiction recovery.    It's part of his Better Care Illinois restructuring program 

"We got a two-billion dollar restructuring grant for our medicaid program so that we can proactively treat mental health challenges, not waiting til the last minute to deal with a crisis," he said. 

Illinois Human Services Secretary James Dimas said the program will also expand services for  substance abuse treatment.

"We're using that to develop 10 pilots around the state four of which focus exclusively on substance abuse disorders that will help us intervene with whole person care rather than dealing with this problem in a fragmentary way," he said. 
Last December Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate JB Pritzker announced his six point plan for fighting the opioid epidemic which also includes mental health treatment, prevention and reducing the risk of prescription opioids.  

In December the Rauner announced a toll free opioid hotline  833-2-find-help.    Today he announced an online component
The Better Care Illinois program takes effect July 1st.


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