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Fewer people attending Stand Up for Peace events

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PEORIA, Ill (HOI) -- -

Less and less seats are being filled each time Peoria Community Against Violence hosts a 'Stand Up For Peace' event.

City Council member Elizabeth Jensen says recent changes in leadership roles is causing the impact.

"It has been a little disappointing to see the last few meetings that I have been to there have not been that many people," said Jensen. 

Right now, Peoria is on its ninth homicide of the year, leaving a hole within families and the communities. New board member Bobby Ford says action must be taken in order to gain results.

"We can keep saying stop the violence, stop the violence, but what are we giving them; what resources are available?"  Ford said.

Anthony Jackson is accused of killing his uncle, 43 year old Timothy Jackson last week. Since the family has experienced violence on both sides, board member Gloria Clark did not invite the family to the event.

"They've experienced the violence on both sides you know, one person has gone to jail and another is dead. I just didn't want to put them through that," Clark said.

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