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West Bluff art not loved by all

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PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

The West Bluff neighborhood in Peoria has a new gateway since local artists took their talents to the streets to give some concrete planters some TLC, looking to bring color to the community. 

"The four of us artists came together to start the painting of these planters. We were brought together by Mike Van Cleve, who is a local realtor and really involved with the neighborhood association. They commissioned us to do this mural work right here at the intersection of Columbia Terrace and University Street," local artist Chelsie Tamms said. 

The city, along with some neighborhoods, approved the project. Upland's Resident Association President CJ Summers talked to organizers saying he was interested in the project. 

 "There had been talk of painting them before so an opportunity to get them painted seemed like a good thing and next thing. I was interested in talking with them more about it and next thing I knew they were painted," Summers said.  

Seeing the planters painted came as a pleasant surprise for Summers, but some residents say the murals should reflect the ninetieth century feel the homes in the neighborhood have. 

"They are saying that they kind of look childish, like some little kid could have painted them." 

Though the artists tell me the majority of the responses are overwhelmingly positive. 

"There have been a couple comments that we have gotten but I think we are still in the beginning of finishing everything. So, as we get further along that will be the point of discussion," Tamms said. 

Summers said that when it comes to art, everyone has a different opinion. 

"There are different ways to look at it. Some people don't like it, they want it to be more conservative and traditional. Other people really like it and they like the fact that it is bright and cheery. It's the whole gamut," he said. 

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