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Peoria City Council may allow police to tow off of private property

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Peoria police squad cars Peoria police squad cars

Police explained to the council, with the growing opioid epidemic, they sometimes get called about drivers passed out at the wheel of a car.  Sometimes those drivers pull off the road into a private business or  home and while first responders can administer an antidote to same them, they can not force a person to seek medical help. 

Because police can not tow a vehicle from private property they can't prevent them from going back to the car and driving down the road again. 

According to Interim Chief Loren Marion, "We have no tool in place that would allow us to remove that vehicle, essentially as a danger to the4 community if they were under the influence and would go back to use it again."

However, police are hoping the council will help them change that by allowing them to tow vehicles from private property.  It would be included in an amendment to the reckless driving ordinance.  

Last night was simply a first reading of the new amendment.

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