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Air conditioner donation helps one hundred people

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Keeping people cool and comfortable in hot summer temperatures was the goal behind one event Wednesday.

Ameren Illinois and the Peoria Citizens Committee for Economic Opportunity donated 100 energy-efficient window air conditioning units to eligible families this year. They have been working together on this initiative for five years.  

"They help us identify needy customers that are qualified for the program and who really need these air conditioners the most," said Ameren President Richard Mark.               

You have to fill out an application. Those who qualify are typically senior citizens, people with disabilities, including veterans and households with children.

"It's important because a lot of folks in our community are hurting," said PCCEO President, McFarland Bragg. 

One of those recipients is 92-year-old Caroline J. Walker. She has been struggling during these hot summer months and has been using a little fan to keep her cool, but it is not enough.      

In addition to each air conditioning unit, Ameren provided bags a home energy efficiency kit containing things like led light bulbs, a smart power strip and a low flow shower head, helping folks save a few extra bucks. 

Walker rode the bus to PCCEO to get her air conditioner.     

"I really appreciate it. Thank you lord," said Walker.   

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