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Summer programs come with educational content to keep kids engaged in learning

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Keeping kids engaged in learning becomes a challenge for  many parents during the summer.   But with a little bit of research you might be surprised at some of the options out there, some of them on college campuses.

Cooper Campbell is the only boy attending this dance class at I.C.C.s College for Kids program.  

"I just have a lot of compassion with dancing so i decided to do this," Cooper said.

It's one of two classes Campbell is taking for the first time in the annual summer program. 

"I sometimes get bored playing with my I-pad or riding my bike or playing with friends.   With this I can make new friends and hang out with them," he said.

College for Kids runs Monday through Thursday at Illinois  Central College.   The program coordinator says instructors get creative with math and language arts courses offered to students in 4th through 12th grades. 

"We have a lot of very experienced instructors.  They will submit their lesson plan first, and we review it and that way can give suggestions back to them and every year we do have survey for instructors, it goes to parents," said I.C.C. Youth Coordinator Steffi Xu. 

There are more than 350 students enrolled in the two week session offered in June and July.    For many students like Campbell they're learning about new things.

" I'm learning more about American girl dolls, what they like to do and how they lived back in the day," said program participant Aniyah Elmore.

One student said it's provides a chance to get out of the house. 

"Both my parents work so we don't really do much but watch my dog.   There's like a lot of things for you to do and a lot of people you can make friends with," said Kyra Fant. 

Bradley University has one program already in session, Building Excellent Scientist for Tomorrow.   Another one,   World of Wonder Camp starts June 18th. 

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