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Tornado sirens didn't sound for Sunday's warning - here's why

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Storms over the weekend actually spawned a couple of Tornado Warnings in McLean County.

Some residents had concerns as it was happening.

Several viewers asked us why the tornado sirens did not sound Sunday; however, there was a good reason for that.

"Just because it went under a Warning, we verify to make sure that we actually have a Tornado or funnel cloud in the area to alert our residents," said Bob Clark, the Emergency Management Director for McLean County.

That's why tornado sirens remained silent Sunday.

Clark said the county's protocol is to take their warning siren system seriously.

"We want people to take caution when they hear the siren, and that's why we treat it with caution."

The Tornado Warning was issued by the National Weather Service when rotation appeared on doppler radar.

Because trained spotters didn't visibly see rotation or any funnel clouds in the area, the sirens were not sounded.

Still, many were confused, with some even complaining; however, Bloomington resident Chuck Jiardina knows the county's procedure, and said it makes him actually feel safer.

"Only in like that true emergency would you want someone to really react ... bunker down and get into one of those safe-areas inside their homes."

No sightings, means no sounding sirens for the folks here Bloomington and Normal, despite the fact that a Tornado Warning simply gets issued for radar-indicated rotation.

That said, central Illinois is no stranger to severe activity, including tornadoes. That is why you need to be Weather aware, and there are several other methods besides tornado sirens you should be paying attention to.

"Don't always depend upon the outdoor warning sirens," added Clark, also saying, "use your gut instinct, and if you're uncomfortable, then you need to go to your safe spot and take shelter for yourself and your family."

It's important to mention that those storm spotters have gone through training to properly identify dangerous storm activity.

Meanwhile, one of the best ways to stay informed is through our 25 Weather Tracker mobile app, but regardless, your smart phone will alert you by default if a tornado warning is issued for your area.

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