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US organization saves first big cats

Guatemala bans circuses from country

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A mission to enforce a new law banning the use of animals in circuses in Guatemala is not underway. US based organization Animal Defenders International (ADI) removing the first animals from the country; three lions Sasha, Nena and Kimba. 

Guatemala's ban on the use of animals in circuses passed back in April 2017.  The circuses were given 12 months to relocate their animals, but around 50 still remain in circuses. 

Voluntarily giving up its animals Circo Navarro described the experience as, “a new chapter for the circus”. The lions are now being cared for at an officially designated ADI temporary custody center ahead of their relocation to the organization’s new sanctuary in Africa. ADI is is working with authorities to remove another two lions and nine tigers from a second circus.  

In addition to the safe removal of these circus animals ADI is also helping with food. care and veterinary treatments  for animals after the eruption of the Fuego volcano.  

Animal Defenders International is a world wide organization which contributes to ending the suffering of animals in captivity and protecting wild animals in their environment.  Active worldwide to end the suffering of animals: animals in entertainment – film, television, advertising, circuses, and sport or leisure; animals used for food or fur; protection of wildlife, and the environment; trade in animals; zoos, pets, entertainment, and laboratories. Funding and promotion of advanced scientific methods to replace the use of animals in research. ADI investigates, produces evidence and reports on the scientific, legal, and economic issues for each case study, recommending solutions. Education and awareness to public, media, and officials. Where ADI’s evidence has been a catalyst for change, we collaborate with governments to conduct large-scale seizures of wild animals in captivity and relocate them to forever homes – back to their natural habitat wherever possible.

Select the links to learn more about ADI and their efforts to save more circus animals in Guatemala.

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