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Firefighters explain their jobs to residents at the Epic facility

Ep!c hosts annual firefighter day

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Epic hosting first firefighters day. Epic hosting first firefighters day.

Peoria Fire Central had it's first annual Epic Firefighter day. 

Members of Peoria Fire Rescue allowed residents of the Epic facility to come be a firefighter for a day.  Complete with fire gear, a search and rescue mission and even putting out a simulated fire. 

According to Tony Ardis, Peoria's Fire District, Division Chief of Operations, "It's probably more of a joy for us then it will be for them just because they are so special."

"What we want to do is show residents that they can be anything," Jen Funk an Epic Employee. "With the partnership of the Peoria Fire Department, we were able to bring them out today and show them what a different way of life is like."

Epic helps support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

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