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Salvation Army fan giveaway tries to beat the heat

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Monday marks the start of the Salvation Army's annual Fan Giveaway, aiming to help people in McLean County keep cool and safe as summer temperatures start rising.

The fan distribution runs through Thursday, June 14th from 9AM to noon at the 611 W. Washington street Salvation Army location in Bloomington.

Angie Bubin, Development Director for the Bloomington branch of the Salvation Army, says their giveaway often helps those already struggling.

"Really, there's families that struggle to keep food on the table so it's not really in their budget to go and buy a new fan," she said. "This is a great way to relieve some of that financial burden and to keep people cool."

Monday and Tuesday, seniors and those with medical conditions will have priority on fans. Starting Wednesday, the giveaway will be open to the public.

Interested recipients must be McLean County residents and have a valid ID, and must also not have received a fan last year.

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