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Illinois Republicans ask Trump not to commute Blagojevich's sentence

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The entire Illinois Republican delegation is bucking the president after he recently suggested commuting the prison sentence of disgraced former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. 

President Trump recently suggested he may commute the sentence of Blagojevich, who is several years into a federal prison stint on corruption charges after he tried to sell off the vacated seat of then-Sen. Barack Obama. 

While we understand that, as president, you have the privilege and right under our Constitution to grant pardons and clemency as you determine fit, we ask that you consider very carefully the precedent this may set and the impact it will have on acts of public corruption in the future. As you well know, the integrity of our democracy and the core of American values depend on our elected officials being honest in upholding the trust given to them by the American people. Granting clemency to Rod Blagojevich would go against this trust," said a letter sent to the president by the representatives, including local U.S. Reps. Darin LaHood, Adam Kinzinger and Rodney Davis. 

The congressmen said they "believe that pardoning such a clearly corrupt politician would set a dangerous precedent and send the wrong message regarding elected officials who violate the public trust." 

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