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Watching out for farm vehicles on road

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Farmers are especially busy this time of year caring for their crops and making sure they get the job done for harvest.

That's why professionals want to remind you to watch out for slow-moving farm vehicles on the road and be patient. If you are around a curb or hill, they say it's not safe to pass. If the farmer is able, pull off to the side of the road if there is a lot of traffic behind you.       

"Everyone wants to get home safely to their family and we'd rather you wait a couple extra minutes, and travel on the road and be safe getting home," said Patrick Kirchhofer, manager at Peoria County Farm Bureau.

Farm vehicles tend to travel about 20 miles an hour or less. Farmers often need to make left hand turns and they can't see what's behind them, especially if a car is following them to closely. Stay a safe distance behind the farm equipment. 

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