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Local perspective on suicide, it's not the answer

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls suicide a national public health problem.  Their recent report says between 1999 and 2016 suicide rates increased across the United States and rates in Illinois alone, rose almost 23 percent.

According to Holly Bill, Assistant Manger of Youth Health Education at the Peoria Hult Center for Healthy Living says, "These people do not want to die.  They are just looking for ways to end the pain and they want to ease the pain for the people around them as well."

"When individuals are experiencing suicidal thought, they are not thinking clearly at all.  They have this overwhelming feeling of sadness and depression that's lasted for quite some time.  These feelings cloud their judgment," Bill said.

Professionals at the Hult Center for Healthy Living say suicide is complicated. "Often times it's years worth of trauma or experiences that have happened," Bill Said. 

The Hult Center wants to help you. 

"Not being okay, is OK," Bill said. 

And they want to listen carefully. 

"Suicide is not the answer, and you do have people in this community who care a lot about you," Bill said

Some common signs of suicide: 

Impulsive behavior
Change in Attitude
Dramatic changes in mood

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