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UPDATE: Arrest made in Peoria's 9th homicide of 2018

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Family member, Anthony Jackson, arrested for relatives murder. Family member, Anthony Jackson, arrested for relatives murder.

UPDATE: The investigation into Timothy Jackson's murder, has determined the suspect in both the stabbing and shooting death, was Anthony L. Jackson, age 27, who is a relative of the victim. 

Evidence was gathered that led to the arrest of Anthony Jackson for aggravated battery with a knife for the initial incident, along with murder, unlawful use of a weapon by a felon, and no FOID for the homicide.

The investigation is ongoing. 

UPDATE: Autopsy findings reveal that Jackson suffered 4 entrance wounds and a graze wound. He was struck in the head, chest and torso. The caliber of the gun is not known at this time. He most likely died instantly. The case remains under investigation


Peoria police are looking to solve the city's 9th homicide. Authorities say the victim was shot several times.

Authorities have identified the victim as 43-year-old Timothy Jackson.  Jackson's girlfriend said she believed a fight from earlier in the day led to the shooting. 

"3 P.M. maybe 3:30 P.M. Jackson had come in and actually been stabbed," said the Peoria resident claiming to be Jackson's girlfriend. Jackson's alleged girlfriend declined to release her name for privacy. The alleged girlfriend claimed Jackson came inside her home asking for help after the fight outside. 

"I helped him clean up his wounds and stuff and then he left and went to the hospital," the girlfriend said. "Then he had texted me at about 5:30 P.M. or so and said he is on his way home," said the alleged girlfriend.

She said she asked Jackson what led to the fight. "He just said somebody trying to show off in front of their friends and that was about it," she said. She said she sat up waiting for Jackson to return from the hospital.  The alleged girlfriend said Jackson drove himself back to her house on West Willcox Avenue, but never made it inside the home. Shortly after, Peoria police found Jackson shot and slumped over the steering wheel inside of his car. 

"Initially gathered here at the scene we received information that the victim appeared to have just come home," Amy Dotson, Peoria Police Department's Spokesperson said.  "The shot spotter alert indicated there were seven rounds fired.  As far as how many times the victim was shot, we'll have to wait for the coroner to know that," said Dotson.

According to Peoria County Coroner, Jamie Harwood Jackson had 5 gun shot wounds hitting Jackson in the head, chest and torso areas. Harwood said there was also a stab wound to Jackson's arm. 

There are currently no suspects in police custody.

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