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Girlfriend of homicide victim says fight led to shooting

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Peoria Police are looking for suspects in the city's 9th homicide.   It happened around 6:30 Thursday morning in the 600 block of West Willcox Avenue.   Authorities have identified the victim as 43-year old Timothy Jackson.   His girlfriend said Jackson had been stabbed during a fight a couple of hours earlier.
"Three o'clock, three-thirty he came in and he had actually been stabbed, "  said the woman who didn't want to give her name. 

She said Jackson came inside her home asking for help after a fight outside.  She said he had been stabbed in the arm, stomach, left wrist and lower back. 

"I helped him clean up his wounds and stuff and then he left and went to the hospital and then he had texted me about five-thirty or so and said he's on his way home," she said. 

The girlfriend says she asked Jackson what led to the fight.

"He just said somebody trying to show off in front of their friends and then that was about it," she said.  

She said she sat up waiting for Jackson to return from the hospital.  He drove himself back to her house on West Willcox avenue but never made it inside.  Peoria Police found Jackson shot and slumped over the steering wheel in his car. 

"Initially gathered here at the scene we received information that the victim appeared to have just come home.  The shot spotter alert indicated there were seven rounds fired.  as far as how many times the victim was shot, we'll have to wait for the coroner to let us know that," said Peoria Police Department spokeswoman Amy Dotson. 

Investigators said Jackson was pronounced dead at the scene.  The Peoria County Coroner said Jackson had five wounds.  He was shot in the head, chest and torso and grazed.   The coroner said there was also had stab wounds to his arms. 
Police have not arrested any suspects yet. 

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