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25 EXCLUSIVE: Gov. Rauner talks Blagojevich, budget, and bikes in one-on-one interview

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President Trump is considering commuting the sentence of former Governor Rod Blagojeich, who was convicted on 17 corruption charges and impeached for trying to sell a U.S. Senate seat. 

During a stop at our station this week, Governor Bruce Rauner said that's one area where he disagrees with the President.

"The fact is, many judges, including the Supreme Court, legal experts and attorneys, they have all reviewed the case and the facts and all have come to conclusion that Blagojevich is exactly where he belongs," explained Rauner.

Of course this isn't the first time the Governor has disagreed with comments the President has made, but he maintains it's normal to have disagreements within the same party and beyond.

"You know, no two people agree 100% of the time. It's just the way the system is. I'm a passionate Republican. But, many of my friends are democrats. My wife is a democrat, the democrats are the majority in Illinois, so we need to be willing to compromise and come up with a joint solution."

Rauner says this applies to the backlog of unpaid bills and pension payments not addressed in the newly signed state budget.

"That's one of the biggest failings of this budget. We didn't budget to pay down debt."

But, with the budget behind him, the Republican can now switch more of his attention to his reelection efforts, which could get nasty as he and Democrat JB Pritzker renew their attacks on one another.

Still, while there are certainly stressful times ahead for the Governor, there's one outlet he says he can always turn to.

"I used to race motorcycles in high school. I've been a lifelong motorcycle rider and I still own three motorcycles today. I love to be outdoors and riding the motorcycle is one of my favorite ways to relax."

Rauner stopped by while he was in Peoria to welcome home veterans returning on the Greater Peoria Honor Flight. 

25 News certainly wants to extend the same opportunity to Democrat JB Pritzker the next time he's in Central Illinois.

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