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A look into pedestrian vs. vehicle accidents

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The City of Peoria is currently using the "Complete Streets" program.

That simply means when building new roadways, traffic engineers will take into consideration all modes of transportation.

That includes pedestrians, bicyclist, and buses along with cars. 

There has been nearly 400 pedestrians vs. vehicle accidents in Peoria since 2013.

They don't always result in a fatality or even serious injury. 

It's still a concerning trend.

"A lot of times you don't get good detail out of the dispatchers, just the person who hit somebody is panicked," says Peoria Fire Chief, Ed Olehy. 

 When looking through the data, the highest concentration of accidents happens on Knoxville Avenue.

Pedestrian crosswalks on this busy street are few and far between. 

"It's a wide street so it's hard to cross. There are people crossing all over the place on that street. They're not even using the cross walks anymore and that makes it even more dangerous," said Chief Olehy. 

"Yes, the car is required to stop but they have to make sure the car is going to stop before they get in front of it," said Nick Stoffer, a traffic engineer with the City of Peoria. 

Right now Knoxville Avenue is getting re-paved. 

Further down the line, a complete makeover will be needed. 

This highly traveled road is controlled by the state. 

However, Peoria traffic engineers are giving a few suggestions to expand pedestrian control. 

"They're looking into other crossing locations. I think there is a place, an intersection at Gift that isn't signalized, but there is a lot of crossing activity there," said Stoffer. 

Peoria's traffic engineers won an award for their intersection design at Main and University St. 

They hope as more streets come up for an overhaul, they'll improve street safety citywide. 
  The second most concentrated area for pedestrians hit is North University Street. 

One road under construction that is utilizing the "Complete Streets" initiative is the Willow Knolls - Allen Road intersection. 

When that project is done, it will include a 5 ft. sidewalk and a 10 ft. bike path, in addition, more traffic lanes. 

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