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ISRA Executive Director tells Fox and Friends they will fight "assault weapons ban" all the way to the SCOTUS

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Illinois State Rifle Association Executive Director, Richard Pearson, appeared on Fox and Friends saying the group plans to fight Deerfield's "assault weapons ban" all the way to the supreme court. 

The Village Board passed the ordinance on April 2 which took effect April 13; however, the ordinance calls for all designated "assault weapons" and "large capacity magazines" be removed from the Village limits before June 13.

Two lawsuits have been filed stating the rule violates the Illinois Constitution: "private property shall not be taken or damaged for public use without just compensation as provided by law."

The suit also brings into question the definition of "assault weapons” and “large capacity magazines.”

However, the village states that the ordinance "does not otherwise regulate or prohibit rifles, shot guns, pistols or ammunition." 

Pearson said the village could confiscate weapons by force or by issuing a fine of a thousand dollars.  

"Right now we're looking for a temporary restraining order to prevent this from happening," said Pearson. "If we get the temporary order then it will stay all this activity until we have a full court hearing"  

Members of the Village maintain that "it has acted within its statutory authority" and will evaluate the lawsuits appropriately. 

It has not made any additional statements regarding the pending litigation.

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