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A baseball tournament for a good cause

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A massive baseball tournament happened over the weekend in Chillicothe. There were nearly 665 baseball games in just five days. 

The games were about more than just 338 teams hoping for home runs. 

Imagine losing a child to cancer at just 11 years old. This was the case for one family who lost their son Brad Wallin. Brad lived and breathed baseball, which is why his family started a tournament, hoping his love for the game is carried on. 

"We want them to know they are here for a reason and they are here to support not just Brad and our family, but to raise money to support childhood cancer," said Tournament Director Jeff Wallin. 

Wallin added that baseball was Brad's passion. 

To honor Brad's devotion to the game, they started the Brad Wallin Memorial Tournament 14 years ago. At first it was just 10 teams; now it's in the hundreds.         

"It's a great feeling. We feel very blessed," stated Wallin. 

Players come from all over the midwest. 

"It means a lot and it's really cool to do this," stated one player, Carson Riva. 

"From a family standpoint we do it every year because we see the smile on these kids faces that they are doing the thing they love and that's playing ball," said Wallin. 

"We did lose, but it was fun and it was awesome," said Riva. 

Even when the game is all said and done, money raised will go to Saint Jude. 

"We just want to keep his memory a live and know that he is still here with us," said Wallin. 

Wallin said the teams are making a difference for children who can't play ball this weekend because of cancer. They are hoping to raise about $100,000 for Saint Jude. 


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